Thrace & North Aegean Islands

From our brand new base in Avdira (or Abdera) you can easily explore the coastline of Thrace, the islands in the Thracian Sea and the islands of the northern Aegean Sea. In just 7 days you may easily explore the islands of Thassos, Samothrace and Lemnos. You may also sail the area for 14 days in order to reach the coastline of the gorgeous Chalkidiki. As in most greek destinations you will have the opportunity to meet the ancient greek civilization in many locations. Even our base in Avdira is next to an important Archaeological Site. The winds in the area are not so strong, there are not Meltemi winds here in contrast with the southern Aegean Sea. Most of the locations are not very busy even in summer months! However there is a modern sailing infrastructure and It is really easy to find a berth in most marinas.

7 days suggested itinerary

1st  day: Departure from Avdira port
                Sailing trip to Kamariotissa, Samothrace

2nd day: A full day in Samothrace

3rd  day: Departure from Samothrace to Lemnos

4th  day: A full day in Lemnos

5th  day: Departure from Lemnos to Limenaria, Thassos

6th  day: A full day in Limenaria, Thassos

7th  day: Exploration of Thassos
                 sail off the island, visit the bays for cool dips
                 Departure and return to the port of Avdira.

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An island drowned in green, surrounded by dreamy beaches and bound by tradition. It will captivate you with its charm.
In Thassos, the island of the Sirens, the choices are as many as the colors. The blue of the sea, the green of the pines, the golden of the sand, the blue of the sky make it one of the best choices for your summer vacation. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals and the comfort of the developed infrastructure. Taste the local recipes in the villages, discover the scenic paths, swim in beaches of ecstatic beauty and try activities that will take off your summer mood. If you are a nature lover, sports lover or just love the good life, Thassos is your emerald "refuge".
Just 15 nautical miles away from our base in Avdira.

The island is 17 km long and has a population of 2,859. The main town, concealed from pirates and winding in a valley below Mount Saos, offers classic images and genuine beauty. Tiled roofs, twisting lanes, and masonry above the rooftops provide great protection from the winds that occasionally blow in from the neighboring Northern Aegean. Hike and explore Mount Saos. There are dozens of streams and pathways. A network of roads with innumerable waterfalls and hot springs may be found among deep forests and over vast plains. You'll find a fairy tale if you follow the sound of the flowing water. Also discover the natural ponds known as "vathres".
The beaches of Samothrace are less well-known, but they are certainly not lacking in natural beauty. "Pahia Ammos" has golden sand, Vatos has plane trees and clear waters, Kremasto has a waterfall that froths into the sea and Kipo has unique grey-black pebbles.
Samothrace's distance from our base in Avdira is 35 nautical miles.

Halkidiki is a region in northern Greece known for its jutting peninsulas, which feature Mediterranean forests and sandy beaches in sheltered bays. The region has important archaeological sites like Stageira, known for its well-preserved mosaic floors. 
Pine trees to the beach, white sand, dreamy coves, turquoise waters, hidden coves. The beaches of Halkidiki are as many as the options, infinite! Here you meet the paradise, literally. Some of the must-visit locations are the Kavourotrypes, Mikro Karidi, Megalo Karidi, Kalogria, Kriopigi, Sani and Agios Mammas.
Chalkidiki is located 55 nautical miles west from our base in Avdira.

Mount Athos is a holy mountain. Religion is a prominent "presence" on Chalkidiki's easternmost and roughest peninsula. Mount Athos is the world's second most important religious site, after Jerusalem, for millions of Orthodox Christians. Mount Athos received its institutional standing in the year 972. It is now a self-governing portion of Greek land, yet spiritually it is under the jurisdiction of Constantinople's Ecumenical Patriarchate. Women are not permitted to access, however any male, local or international, of any faith is permitted to enter Mount Athos if he obtains a formal permit, known as the "Residence".
The distance of Athos Holy Land from our base in Avdira is about 55 nautical miles.

The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Myrina. In the past there was the belief that the grains from the volcanic soil of the island were miraculous. Today the land itself remains one of the most hospitable and at the same time unexplored in the Aegean. An island with a diverse coastline, golden beaches, impressive volcanic scenic landscapes. With rare archeological sites, castles, along with many traditional settlements. With sought after products since antiquity like the honey, the wine and the cheese and with hospitable inhabitants, Lemnos is ideal, for those looking for a quiet vacation and remote discoveries.
Lemnos is located 60 nautical miles south of our base in Avdira.

14 days suggested itinerary

   1st   day:  Departure from Avdira port. Sailing trip towards Kamariotissa, Samothrace.
  2nd  day:  A full day in Samothrace
  3rd   day:  Departure from Samothrace. Sailing towards Lemnos.
  4th   day:  A full day in Lemnos.
  5th   day:  Departure from Lemnos to Porto Koufo, Chalkidiki.
  6th   day:  Sailing to Nikiti passing through Porto Carra and Marmara (Chalkidiki).
  7th   day:  Departure for Panagia bay exploring the island of Diaporo and Vourvourou.
  8th   day:  Sailing from Panagia bay to the picturesque village of Pyrgadikia.
  9th   day:  Departure from Pyrgadikia To Ammouliani Island or Ouranoupolis.
 10th  day:  Sailing from Ammouliani to the island of Thassos in Limenaria.
 11th   day:  Sailing excursion to the nearby beaches (Potos, Mines, Tripiti) of southwestern Thassos,
                    or a day off for the island and its 
traditional settlements.
12th   day:  Starting from Limenaria with a stop in the wonderful bay of Aliki,
                    destination the main port of Thassos (Limenas).
13th   day:  A full day in Thassos.  Exploring and sailing off the island and visiting the bays of the Northeast side
                    with the enchanting beaches 
 (Marble beach, Porto Vathi, Golden beach, Koinira Island) for cool dips.
14th   day:  Return to Avdira base.

Distance from Avdira port: 
237 km  (2 - 2.5 hours drive)
Distance from Avdira port: 
119 km  (1 - 1.5 hours drive)

Distance from Avdira port: 
54 km  (30 - 40 min drive)