Tuscan Islands

For exploring the magnificent west coast of Italy and world known for its beauty island of Corsica, we have chosen οne excellent location in the mainland, in Punta Ala. Departing from Punta Ala you can visit Elba island and the Tuscan islands.

Island of Elba is the largest, richest and most beautiful island of the Archipelago Toscano. Its coast is much indented and there are numerous attractive harbours and anchorages. The slopes are extensively terraced and the island is always green even in the middle of summer. It is a green and colorful spot that enchanted the exiled Napoleon.

You can sail to the western Italian mainland coast, and to the Tuscan archipelago consisting of Gorgona, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri. It is a popular cruising ground for yachts, however you may end up staying longer than you planned, seduced by the charm of these islands. You may also explore the Ligurian coast, Corsica and Sardinia.

You will find our yachts base at the Marina di Punta Ala.

7 days suggested itinerary

Departure: Punta Ala

Day  1 :  Marina di Punta Ala
Day 2 :  Marciana, Elba (30nm) 
Day 3 :  Capraia (26nm)
Day 4 :  Macinaggio (20nm)
Day 5 :  Golfo Stella (30nm)
Day 6 :  Porto Azurro (14nm)
Day 7 :  Punta Ala (20nm)


Pisa International Airport: approximately 93 minutes drive


Rome Fiumicino Airport: approximately 158 minutes drive