Saronic Gulf

From our base in Athens, Alimos Marina (Kalamaki), you can follow two main sailing routes: The Saronic route and the Cyclades route. The Saronic islands of Aegina, Poros, Angistri, Hydra, Dokos, Spetses and the Peloponnesian coast offer smooth sailing sheltered from strong winds.

The Saronic route is highly recommended for easy sailing, especially in July and August for avoiding the strong winds blowing down in the Cyclades, also for a shorter break of less than two weeks. Along this route you will find many cosmopolitan towns, ancient temples, Byzantine castles, small fishing ports and unspoiled anchorages.

Aegina   The island is renowned for the ancient Temple of Aphaia, a majestic Doric temple offering panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The main port in Aegina is a bustling hub with vibrant markets, traditional taverns, and neoclassical buildings. The island also boasts beautiful beaches such as Agia Marina and Marathonas, where visitors can relax and soak up the sun.

Poros   At Poros town, with the traditional neoclassical houses, you may walk along a delightful waterfront promenade lined with cafes and taverns. Visitors can explore the historical Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, hike up to the iconic Clock Tower for panoramic views, or simply unwind on the beautiful Love Bay beach.

Angistri   With its lush pine forests, olive groves and pristine beaches, Angistri is a heaven for nature lovers. The island's main beach is Aponisos. You may also explore the secluded Dragonera Beach and many others. Go hiking along scenic trails, or just enjoy swimming, snorkeling or diving in the turquoise waters.

Hydra   A captivating island that transports visitors back in time with its preserved architectural heritage and traditional charm. The absence of cars and the presence of donkeys and horse-drawn carriages add to the island's unique character. Hydra Town is a picturesque harbour town, where the visitors can wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with 18th-century mansions and explore historical sites like the Hydra Museum Historical Archives. The island also offers scenic coastal walks, beautiful beaches and good food.

Dokos   A hidden gem known for its unspoiled beauty and archaeological treasures. The island is home to the ancient Shipwreck Site of Dokos, which is believed to be the oldest known underwater shipwreck. This attracts many archaeologists for diving and exploring the wrecks from the ship. Pristine beaches, rocky coves, and walking trails showcase the island's rugged landscapes.

Spetses   The island has a charming blend of neoclassical mansions, narrow alleys and bustling waterfront promenades. The historic Poseidonion Grand Hotel, a magnificent landmark, adds a touch of grandeur to the island. Visitors can explore the Bouboulina Museum, dedicated to the Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, or rent bicycles to explore the scenic coastal paths. Spetses also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year, adding a lively ambiance to the island.

Methana   The volcanic peninsula of Methana is known for its unique landscapes and natural thermal springs. The peninsula is dotted with volcanic cones where visitors can hike to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. Methana's thermal baths offer therapeutic benefits, providing relaxation and rejuvenation.

If you sail a little further south, along the Peloponnesian coastline, you should not miss to visit Yerakas, Leonidion and Monemvasia. Elafonisos and Kythira will also surprise you for their natural beauty, sandy beaches, the totally unspoiled and friendly small ports and peaceful anchorages.

7 days suggested itinerary
Departure: Alimos marina, Athens (Greece)

Day  1:  Athens - Methana (25 nm)
Day 2:  Methana - Hydra (16 nm)
Day 3:  Hydra - Spetses (16 nm)
Day 4:  Spetses - Poros (32 nm)
Day 5:  Poros - Aegina (15 nm)
Day 6:  Aegina - Athens (13 nm)
Day 7:  Athens (visit to the city center)