Southern Spain

Southern Spain is a new magnificent destination for us. Our base is located at the well organized marina of Roda de Bara. Roda de Bara is a sunny seaside town located southeast of Barcelona. 

We strongly believe that Roda de Bara is one of the best places to start your sailing holidays in Spain. Some of the best sailing destinations in the area are the Balearic islands, the Majorca island, the Minorca island and the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Suggested itinerary
  A 320 miles route:
-Departure from Roda de Bará to Tarragona (Roman city with many sights to visit)
-Departure from Tarragona towards Ametlla de Mar, where you can eat good fish 
  (you can also swim with 300kg tuna in a popular fish farm, and visit the Ebro Delta)
-Departure from Ametlla de Mar to Sòller (Mallorca)
-Departure from Sòller to Barcelona
-Departure from Barcelona and return to Roda de Bará