A place where the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea gracefully blend with an amalgamation of majestic mountain ranges, age-old towns, and untouched landscapes, welcomes discerning sailors. As Kiriacoulis Mediterranean further expands its esteemed network, we are delighted to inaugurate our sophisticated base at the Solila Marina in Tivat.

Montenegro’s distinguished coastline, celebrated for its captivating bays, provides an unparalleled maritime sojourn. The eminent Bay of Kotor, regarded as Europe's southernmost fjord, is enveloped by commanding mountains, offering an exceptional backdrop. The historically rich towns of Kotor, Perast, and Herceg Novi await with profound medieval resonance. The ancient maritime towns of Montenegro present a timeless voyage, with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Kotor being a testament to Venetian architectural prowess. The quaint lanes of Perast and its iconic islets further enhance the region's rich tapestry.

The synthesis of the Adriatic's deep blue with its verdant terrains crafts a heavenly ambiance for maritime enthusiasts. Sailors have the privilege of immersing themselves in pristine waters, unearthing concealed caves, or anchoring amidst secluded coves for unparalleled serenity. The Montenegrin culinary landscape presents an eloquent fusion of Mediterranean subtleties and Balkan fervor. Afficionados of seafood can indulge in the region’s freshest offerings, whilst oenophiles are invited to delve into the local vineyards renowned for the esteemed Vranac and Krstač wines.

The Solila Marina in Tivat stands as a testament to modern maritime infrastructure. From impeccable maintenance offerings to avant-garde amenities, our Tivat base ensures that patrons embark on their Montenegrin voyage with the utmost assurance and luxury.

Montenegro’s geographical positioning provides a gateway to the Adriatic's other illustrious locales. Voyages to the neighboring Croatia, the illustrious Dubrovnik, or the esteemed Italian coastlines stand within grasp, offering a panoply of maritime experiences.

Kiriacoulis Mediterranean, ever committed to delivering unmatched sailing experiences, cordially invites you to the pristine waters of Montenegro starting from the next season of 2024.