Istrian Coast

The Adriatic coastline with its clear seas, gentle summer climate, quaint villages and historic towns, is a magnificent cruising area, which reveals Croatia as the No 1 area for water sports.
The 5000 km long coastline is sheltered by chains of the 700 islands, amongst which there are many anchorages and harbours Croatia feats to every seafarer life style. You can find lonely and romancing mooring places as well as modern microcosms at the modern and well equipped ports and marinas of the country. Generous nature has garnished this rich and heterogeneous country with hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, karst, emerald groves, sea straits and vast high seas.

It consists a wonderful experience for everyone to cascade the coastline of Adriatic Sea. Our bases in Pula and in Zadar are in position to offer you every facility in order to experience the magnificent waters of Croatia. Our yachts in Pula, tie up at the marina Veruda right in the heart of Pula, overlooked by the well preserved Roman amphitheater.

A visit to Pula has to be one of the highlights of a cruise along the Istrian coast. Pula is open throughout the year as a port of entry. The marina has water and electricity supplied to all pontoons, toilets, showers, restaurant and parking.

Zadar is a busy town and harbour with a number of interesting museums and old buildings. There are excellent facilities for yachts at the marina, which is located in the new port.

Starting from Zadar, you can visit the Kornati islands. They are a group of islands, islets, rocks, reefs and shoals, which lie within 11 miles of the mainland coast but run parallel to the main land. The Kornati islands and islets are over hundred but the exact number is debatable. They are mostly rocky consisting of shell limestone having no surface streams but only a thin covering of grass. Nowadays, there are no permanent settlements on the islands only few houses, which are occupied seasonally by fishermen and farmers. The Kornati islands are now designated as a National Park, and several marinas are being built.

Croatia - Pula: 7 days suggested itinerary

Total distance: 151 nautical miles approximately
Departure: Pula

1st    day:  Embarkation
2nd day:  Pula - Mali Losinj (34 nm)
3rd  day:  Mali Losinj - Ist (26 nm)
4th  day:  Ist - Rab (30 nm)
5th  day:  Rab - Osor (22 nm)
6th  day:  Osor - Krnica (21 nm)
7th  day:  Krnica - Pula (18 nm)
8th  day:  Disembarkation

Croatia - Zadar: 7 days suggested itinerary

Total distance: 150 nautical miles approximately
Departure: Zadar

1st    day:  Embarkation
2nd day:  Zadar - Telascica bay (32 nm)
3rd  day:  Telascica bay (Dugi Otok)- Zirje (28 nm)
4th  day:  Zirje - Skradin (19 nm)
5th  day:  Skradin - Betina (28 nm)
6th  day:  Betina - Iz Veli (25 nm)
7th  day:  Iz Veli - Zadar (18 nm)
8th  day:  Disembarkation