French Riviera

The French Mediterranean is a privileged region. The sweetness of the climate, the beauty of the landscape, the variety of the stops, are associated with perfect sailing conditions. The wind is barely very strong during the season, the sea is generally quiet, the tides and currents are mostly negligible, the shores are practically with no danger, the shelters are numerous, and the visibility is exceptional. Our base in Bormes is located at the center of the most beautiful cruising destinations.

If you have only one week, discover the Côte Varoise and the Iles d’Or. Less than 15 miles away, the islands of Le Levant, Port Cros and Porquerolles offer their charm, along with the moorings of Cabasson and Léoube under the lee of Cap Bénat, and the bay of Cavalaire and Cap Lardier. In a reach of 30 miles, St-Tropez, St-Raphaël and Agay await for you. Cannes and the Iles de Lérins are only 10 miles further east. In the west, Cassis and the Calanques of Port-Miou, Morgiou, and Sormiou are less than 50 miles away.

If you have two weeks or more, set sail to Corsica, Sardegna or the Balearic islands. From Bormes the closest Corsican harbour is Calvi (110 miles). Before reaching Bonifacio, at 90 miles from Calvi, you have a large choice of moorings along the rocky west coast. In the Southwest, at 220 miles, you find Minorca and the Baleares. You can reach them by a direct crossing, or with stops on the French Côte Vermeille, or on the Spanish Costa Brava.


The food

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the French Riviera also boasts a rich culinary heritage that combines the freshest local ingredients with influences from neighboring Italy and the Mediterranean. One of the most famous dishes of the region is the salade niçoise, which originated in the city of Nice. This refreshing salad typically includes fresh lettuce, tomatoes, boiled eggs, anchovies, olives, and tuna, all dressed in a tangy vinaigrette. Other popular starters include seafood platters featuring local specialties like oysters, mussels, and sea urchins. For the main course, there is a variety of original delicious options.


7 days suggested itinerary

Departure: Bormes les Mimosas

Day  1 :  Embarkation
Day 2 :  Bormes – St Tropez
Day 3 :  Saint Tropez – Iles de Lérins – Antibes
Day 4 :  Antibes – Monaco
Day 5 :  Monaco – Cannes
Day 6 :  Cannes – Porquerolles
Day 7 :  Porquerolles – Port Cros - Bormes


Distance from our base at Port de Bormes:

Toulon-Hyères airport
25 km   (30 - 35 minutes drive)

Marseille airport
130 km  (105 - 115 minutes drive)

Nice airport
135 km  (120 - 130 minutes drive)