Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands is a group of 7 principal islands and numerous smaller ones located on the westernmost side of Greece. The largest one and the more cosmopolitan is Corfu. During their long and adventurous history, the lonians have been occupied by the Italians, the French and the English. The mixture of different civilizations and cultures is harmoniously welded together into one piece that is undoubtedly Greek, with a face painted in a unique way against any other area in Greece. The green luxuriance of the islands is in direct contrast to the high mountains of Albania and the mainland of Greece.

Our fleet in the lonians is located in Corfu island and in Lefkas island, from where you can start exploring the picturesque Paxos, Antipaxos, Mongonisi and Mourtos. Also Sivota, Parga and Preveza in the mainland.

Some of the best sailing routes in Greece can be found in the Ionian Sea.

Lefkas , Ithaca, Cephalonia and Zante have numerous ports and bays. The protected waters with the multitude of little safe anchorages assure a variety of leisurely sailing experiences, creating an endless relaxing holiday.

Our base in Corfu is located at the Gouvia marina and our base in Lefkas is located at the Lefkas marina next to the city center.

You may also start your sailing experience from our new base in Paleros or from our upcoming base in Vonitsa.


Lefkas: 7 days suggested itinerary

Total distance: 64 nautical miles
Departure: Lefkas marina

  1st  day: Lefkas marina
 2nd day: Palairos  (11 nm)
 3rd  day: Kalamos  (16 nm)
 4th  day: Kastos  (05 nm)
 5th  day: Sivota  (13 nm)
 6th  day: Meganisi  (08 nm)
 7th  day: Lefkas marina  (11 nm)

Corfu: 7 days suggested itinerary

Total distance 89 nautical miles approximately
Departure: Gouvia marina, Corfu island

1st    day:  Gouvia marina
2nd  day:  Mourtos  (22 nm)
3rd   day:  Parga  (11 nm)
4th   day:  Paxos  (13 nm)
5th   day:  Petriti  (19 nm)
6th   day:  Sagiada  (14 nm)
7th   day:  Gouvia marina  (10 nm)
Corfu: 14 days suggested itinerary

Total distance 250 nautical miles approximately
Departure: Gouvia marina, Corfu island

1st    day:  Embarkation
2nd  day:  Corfu - Sivota - Mourtos  (24 nm)
3rd   day:  Mourtos - Ag. loannis - Parga  (20 nm)
4th   day:  Parga - Mytikas - Preveza  (26 nm)
5th   day:  Preveza - Scorpios - Nidri  (19 nm)
6th   day:  Nidri - Meganisi - Spartochori  (9 nm)
7th   day:  Spartochori - Ithaca - Cephalonia  (19 nm)
8th   day:  Fiskardo - Skinos - Vathi (Ithaki)  (20 nm)
9th   day:  Vathi - Porto Leone - Calamos  (20 nm)
10th day:  Calamos - Ag. Nikolas - Lefkas  (20 nm)
11th  day:  Lefkas - Gaios  (33 nm)
12th day:  Gaios - round of Paxos - Lakka  (12 nm)
13th day:  Lakka
14th day:  Lakka - Corfu  (32 nm)
15th day:  Disembarkation