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Saronic Gulf

From our base in Athens, Kalamaki marina, you can follow two main sailing routes: The Saronic route and the Cyclades route.
The Saronic islands of Aegina, Poros, Angistri, Hydra, Dokos, Spetses and the Peloponnesian coast offer smooth sailing sheltered from strong winds.

The Saronic route is highly recommended for easy sailing, especially in July and August for avoiding the strong winds blowing down in the Cyclades, also for a shorter break of less than two weeks. Along this route you will find many Cosmopolitan towns, ancient temples, Byzantine castles, small fishing ports and unspoiled anchorages.

You should not miss a visit to Poros, Hydra, Spetses, also Yerakas, Leonidion, Monemvasia (referred to as the Greek Gibraltar), Elaphonissos and Kithira will also surprise you for their natural beauty, sandy beaches, the totally unspoiled and friendly small ports and peaceful anchorages.

Saronic: 7 days itinerary

Total distance 175 nautical miles approximately
Departure Athens
  1. 1st day: Embarkation
  2. 2nd day: Athens - Aegina (25 nm)
  3. 3rd day: Aegina - Angistri - Poros (30 nm)
  4. 4th day: Poros - Hydra (20 nm)
  5. 5th day: Hydra - Dokos - Spetses (25 nm)
  6. 6th day: Spetses -Tselevinia - Poros (40 nm)
  7. 7th day: Poros - Perdika (Aegina) - Athens (35 nm)
  8. 8th day: Disembarkation
Weather Conditions in the Area

The Meltemi (winds from the North usually strong especially in July and August) does not blow as regularly as it does in the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, if it does blow from North to North East, its strength is usually about force 4-5, it is normally less around the Methana peninsula and Poros.
If the Meltemi does not blow, the wind is generally from the South, force 2-3. In the Hydra Gulf and Argolic Gulf, the wind is mostly from the South East, blowing force 3-5 dying down at night.

On the Eastern Peloponnesus coast, the wind may be a weak Meltemi from the North East or a southerly usually from the South East. During spring and autumn, the winds are normally weaker and from the South over the whole area.