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Gulf of Naples

Agropoli, pearl of Cilento, land of myth and nature. The geographic position of Agropoli is barycentre between Capo
Campanella (Sorrento) and Capo Palinuro. It is an ideal starting point for sailing tours towards the various landingplaces
and islands strewn in the Gulf of Napoli and along the Costiera Cilentana, famous for its unpolluted natural beauties and its
important archaeological and historical vestiges.

Sailing along these coasts means to follow the footsteps of Ulisse, the Homeric hero, who resisted the song of Siren
Leucosia, who was transformed, then, into a rock (Punta Licosa) and of Enea, in return from burning Troy, who lost here his
loyal helmsman Palinuro.

Another interesting itinerary to follow is to sail south towards the Aeolian Islands.

Italy - Agropoli: 7 days itinerary

Total distance 141 nautical miles approximately
Departure Agropoli
  1. 1st day: Embarkation
  2. 2nd day: Agropoli - Amalfi (24 nm)
  3. 3rd day: Amalfi - Sorrento (20 nm)
  4. 4th day: Sorrento - Ischia (20 nm)
  5. 5th day: Ischia - Capri (18 nm)
  6. 6th day: Capri - Acciaroli (43 nm)
  7. 7th day: Acciaroli - Agropoli (16 nm)
  8. 8th day: Disembarkation

Italy - Agropoli: 14 days itinerary

Departure Agropoli
Total distance 362 nautical miles approximately
  1. 1st day: Embarkation
  2. 2nd day: Agropoli - Marina di Camerota (30 nm)
  3. 3rd day: Marina di Camerota - Cetraro (43 nm)
  4. 4th day: Cetraro - Tropea (50 nm)
  5. 5th day: Tropea - Lipari (45 nm)
  6. 6th day: Lipari - Vulcano (4 nm)
  7. 7th day: Vulcano - Filicudi (16 nm)
  8. 8th day: Filicudi - Salina (14 nm)
  9. 9th day: Salina - Panarea (13 nm)
  10. 10th day: Panarea - Stromboli (13 nm)
  11. 11th day: Stromboli - Cetraro (52 nm)
  12. 12th day: Cetraro - Maratea (31 nm)
  13. 13th day: Maratea - Palinuro (22 nm)
  14. 14th day: Palinuro - Agropoli (30 nm)
  15. 15th day: Disembarkation
Weather Conditions in the Area

The normal summer winds are from the NW occasionally going around the W. There may also be winds from the NE.